Thursday, December 4, 2008

Red Bull Get It On Record 2008 2nd Place

This has been an amazing experience for me. I have met some awesome people, and have been given the chance to expand my photography on a whole new level then I have before.
this is the 2nd Red Bull "Get It On Record" Competition. Basically what happens is, Red Bull asks students from any campus in the Twin Cities to apply for the competition. They accept 10 Designers, 10 Filmer's, and 10 Photographers. Once they have selected the top 10 of each medium out of all of the applicants, they split us all up into 10 groups of 3 and then assign each team a break dancer. We were assign to "Dancin' Dave", and I couldn't of been more stoked. It was hard to capture his movement for the fact his style is Poppin'(robot style for those who are unfamiliar), but we got it done. Last night was the premiere at The Varsity Theater in Dinky Town, Minneapolis by the U of M, and our team took 2nd Place in the Competition! I was soooo stoked and can't wait to get more involved. Hope you enjoy my photos from this event!