Thursday, November 12, 2009


So, last night I had a studio shoot with a Heavy Metal band called Thira. They were an awesome group of dudes! It always surprises me how amazingly nice heavy medallists are. I always have this vision in my head that they just want to rip me apart, but more times then not, they are some of the raddest and nicest people to work with, although the pictures may seem so otherwise, haha.
Anyway, here are a couple shots from the shoot. It was really cool because they had somewhat of a vision for the shots prior to the shoot, which is always a huge help. They came up with the idea of smearing black face paint all over their bodies and clothes for the shots. I was stoked because most times you have to really convince people to get into the photos like they did. Anyway, Pif, the lead member, had more emotions and personalities to capture than most I have ever worked with, and I had a blast working with him and the band. I hope for more shoots with the group in the future. But yeah, below are a couple shots from the session. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ball and Chain

So the day after Halloween, I ended up spending some time at the Halloween and costume stores soaking up the discounts. At one of the stores in Minnetonka, I came across this ball and chain. I thought it would be fun/funny to put it to use and take a portrait of a couple with the ball and chain around my male models ankle. I also wanted to go a little retro on this photo and give it an older feel. To do this, I went out and got the proper wardrobe for the shoot.

I used three profoto lights for this shot. I had a medium size softbox camera right and half power, and then a I had another soft box camera left on a quarter power. I had my third light shinning on the background with a 10in grid on it to show a little depth between the models and background.

The dog was an accident. Izzy, my puppy, got a little attention hungry and walked over and sat like that, like she wanted some shots for her portfolio. Crazy dog, haha. Anyways, this is what turned out, so I hope you enjoy!

I have three variations of this session. I'll probably get the other 2 shots up here soon as well.