Wednesday, September 29, 2010

iPhone Pictures--Take 1

It's kind of crazy what you are able to do with a cell phone. We have come a long ways from the "Zach Morris" phone, or even the "bag phone", that a lot of people had in their car with a huge antenna suction cupped to their roof. You're a liar if you didn't think that was the coolest thing in the world at the time... Now, you can check your e-mail, post some tweets, catch up on facebook, check your fantasy sports team status, and take pictures and video all on a tiny little device that fits in your pocket. I know that this isn't new to anyone, since it's been around now for quite sometime, but I, like a lot of other photographers, wanted to share some photographs that I have made with my iPhone. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Shoot

Last night was a really fun shoot, and I was able to work with some amazing people. The model, Elizabeth, was given a photo shoot for her birthday from her husband, and fortunately enough for me, they choose me to be the photographer; I was really stoked!

Any way, the bedroom scene was a difficult one to light. By the time we actually started shooting the bedroom scene, it had already been dark for about 2 hours. So to give it an early morning feel, I placed two lights outside, with soft boxes, shooting in through the windows. This worked out great for the fact it opened up so much more free space in the room, and no one could have been able to tell that this was shot at 9:00 at night. I had just the right amount of room to have my third light with me in the bedroom with a shoot through umbrella on it. It turned out to be a fun little challenge.

I had a lot of great help on this shoot as well. Lauren Whiteman was the make-up artist/hair stylist of the shoot, and did a great job on directing the shoot as well. She does an amazing job working with the models and making the models feel comfortable in front of the camera, even if modeling isn't something they are use to doing. Joy Groover also came along with the shoot as an assistant, and she was also a huge help. From lighting, to her ideas and input, and even her energy made the shoot very fun and easy to be a part of.

Anyway, this Blog is becoming longer than I had planned it to be, so I'm going to stop...