Sunday, March 7, 2010

Changing a light bulb

So this weekend I spent time at my moms in Sioux Falls, SD. I had my lights with me in hopes to shoot while I was there. Unfortunately, it rained most of the weekend, so shooting outside was not an option. Although the weather outside was not the best, it made me force myself to work with what I had inside. I always love challenges like this. I encourage others to try the same challenge as well to always push your self as a shooter and thinker. Anyway, my sister Ali, and her best friend Brigitt, were home and they volunteered to help me out with some of my photos. Of course I kept my idea a secret when I asked them, as you'll see why, haha, but they were good sports about it.

So like I said, I had no idea of a photo concept to shoot inside my mom's house. I looked down a stairwell and saw a ladder and next to me a home improvement book. I thought it would be funny to construct an image of Ali and Brigitt trying to change a light bulb using the ladder and the instructional book. Below is what turned out from the shoot.