Monday, November 22, 2010


This past Sunday I had a photo shoot with local South Floridian Hip Hop artist L Spade. I had such a blast with this shoot. The photo shoot took place at Eddie Figueroa's studio (Dreamstreams Inc.), which is sick to say the least, and I was really excited about the shots we got. We started out doing a basic "Hi Key" studio shoot to get some nice portrait shots, but it led to more and more. We ended up wrapping our shoot up in the recording studio were we decided to throw my lights behind L Spade and make a time lapse of him rapping into the mic. It got SOOO Hot in there with the lights going off. I think the time lapse that you see below consisted of 400+ shots in about a 5-10 mins span. None of us could see when we where done besides purple dots least that was the case for me.
Anyway, below is the time lapse video from our shoot, and five of the edits. Cant wait to get more from this shoot done! L Spade should be back in the studio soon to lay down his vocals over the track played on the time lapse. Once completed I'm sure I'll update the time lapse--I just got to excited to wait.
Hope you all enjoy the work!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kash Ten

I just finished up a shoot with clothing line Kash Ten, who specializes in kids clothing. Their warehouse is filled with really cool and fun clothes for kids. If you're in the market and like what you see, let me know, and I can fill you in on how to see more and make a purchase. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RIA - Album Release Party

Last Friday I photographed an album release party for Miami's very own, RIA. It was a great time and the concert was held at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach, FL. The hotel is AMAZING! Anyway, below are some photographs from the release party so check them out! If you're interested in hearing, or just getting more information on RIA, visit her website at Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bolero Beachwear

I just finished up a photo shoot with Bolero Beachwear out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was a really fun shoot, and I was able to meet and work with some amazing people! Patricia, the CEO and designer of Bolero Beachwear, has an awesome line of products and is so easy to work with. The thing I like most about Patricia is her positivity and motivation to start a company like this all on her own and do what she's doing. Seeing her work and talking to her has really motivated me to push myself even more in my business. I really look forward to working more with Bolero Beachwear in the future! Also, I want to Thank my MUA/Stylist, Lauren Whiteman. Having her with on a shoot makes everything so much easier and smoother. I go crazy thinking about what this shoot would have been like if she wouldn't have been there. So, thanks Lauren!

Anyway, below are some of the shots from the shoot. If you're interested in seeing more of Bolero Beachwear's inventory, or would like to inquire on how to get some of her items, contact me and I will let you know!